Hammocraft, The Ultimate Relaxation Gear

Hanging over the water in your hammock from dusk til dawn, what more could you ask for from a perfect relaxing day?

This is Hammocraft, a set of hammocks ideal for a lazy afternoon with your friends. Add a speaker, some Coronas and the party is complete! If doing nothing is your thing during your holiday, Hammocraft is the perfect entertaining on water or ashore.

The guys behind this innovative hammocks have almost 10 years experience, time in which they kept on improving their concept, and now it’s finally here.

The lightweight aluminium frame can hold up to five hammocks (depending on which version you buy)

$995 | Buy now on Hammocraft.com

Hammocraft hammocks floating on water
Hammocraft hammocks floating on water

Behold the new ultimate party boat.Outside Online

chilling in hammocraft on water
Do you know any better way to relax on water?
Hammocraft - sailing on land in a hammock.
Hammocraft – sailing on land in a hammock.
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