45 Drool-Inducing Photos of Dioni Tabbers

Dioni Tabbers

Dioni Tabbers is a 25 years old Dutch model. Mostly known for her lingerie photoshoots, she got all the attention she deserves after doing nudes for different magazines or photographers.

Dioni made it into the modeling world after her big sister (also a model) insisted she’d send polaroids to different agencies. When she finally did so, not long has passed and she was already in Milan, Italy working her maginc in front of the camera.

Her passions include cooking and expensive shoes (is that a brand? who cares?), but wouldn’t you just love to see her doing her thing in the kitchen wearing just that – high heels?

Dioni Tabbers fits the perfect model ratios, measuring 179 cm tall (5’10) and the classic 90-60-90 bust waist hips. But you won’t need numbers to confirm what you’ll find for yourself in her sexy photos below, Dioni breaths sex-appeal! If you’re hooked you can follow her on instagram for more hotness.

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