This Fixed-Wing Drone Flies Like You’re In It


Parrot Disco plane drone is the first of its kind, being able to fly with up to 80 km/h (50mph), controlled via FPV VR glasses that takes you in its cockpit.

Put the VR-like glasses on and see everything the drone sees. It comes with a 1080p HD camera so you can follow everything perfectly and feel like you’re sitting inside it while flying it.

$1,299.99 | Buy now on Amazon

Parrot disco can stay up in the air for 45 minutes and has a return home GPS function allowing it to fly back at your position before the battery runs out.

With the release of their new Disco drone, the company is pushing a new form factor for consumer drones – the single fixed wing – which it hopes will catch on among hobbyists and professionalsQuartz


The Disco features a flying wing design akin to the B2 bomber. There’s a single motor at the rear, a camera module in the front.FirstPost


Not only can the Disco take off and land automatically, it also comes with an autopilot function that kicks in to help you maintain the sort of aerial grace reminiscent of the Red Arrows.Stuff


With Parrot COCKPITGLASSES, feel the ultimate immersive flying sensation. Parrot


A system of sensors inside — accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer and GPS/GLONASS, plus a pitot tube for airspeed — helps newbie pilots stay in the air.Cnet


The Disco has a 14 megapixels full HD frontal camera and a 32GB memory, allowing pilots to record high quality shots.That Drone Show


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