Introducing Bo Krsmanovic, Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Rookie

Bo Krsmanovic Sports Illustrated

Bojana “Bo” Krsmanovic is a stunning 24 years old Serbian model. Sports Illustrated recently made her famous by featuring her in the SI Swimsuit magazine 2016.

I’m not saying she was totally unknown before showing her amazing curves in SI, as she actually been featured in Guess campaigns and some other big campaigns as well.

Since you’ll be (hopefully) hearing and seeing more of Bo in the months and years to come, let’s get to know her better.

Watch the sensual Serbian talk about how she made it into the big league and how she’s a total adrenaline junkie. Prepare your pen and take notes on how to behave as she’s describing the perfect man.

More photos of her on Foxnews.

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A GUESS campaign brought her to America, and this is where all the good things started to happen. Both for her and us, and you can certainly see why. Click the photo to see more of her sexy body in a GUESS spread.

Bo Krsmanovic for Guess 2016

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Here are the photos she sent to SI. This stuff convinced them to feature her in their Swimsuit issue. Click the photo to see more hot pics of her.

Bo Krsmanovic casting photos for SI Swimsuit

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Here’s another casting shot, this time a video. It’s like the whole world is shaking with each step she takes, earthwuake after earthquake. More on Brobible

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The photo spread everyone’s talking about. Magic things happen when Sports Illustrated veterans meet with such a sexi and beautiful hottie. See the entire photoshoot on

Bojana photographed by Yu Tsai in Tahiti.

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Bo is the first Serbian model to be featured in SI Swimsuit. This video is so insanely hot you’ll need to watch it at least twice to hear what she’s saying. Click the photo to watch the NSFW video on Mandatory.

Bo Krsmanovic might be your new favorite model.

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Needless to say you’ll want to start following her instagram account. It will make your mornings much easier to bare and add hotness to your nights. Featuring places she’s visiting and photoshoot snaps, Bo knows how to treat her followers, adding insanely hot personal photos as well.

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If you’re a facebook’s kind of guy, this is also a great place to follow her. Don’t ask why, just see for yourself – Bojana Krsmanovic on Facebook.

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And like the last punch and the most forceful, the one that will really knock you out, you need to watch this video of Bo Krsmanovic as she heats up the screen in one of the sexiest videos you’ll see this year.

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If you’re into women like Bo, makes sure to check out Alex Hanson, this photo spread will knock you out!

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