The Spicy Juliana Herz

Juliana Herz is a Costa Rican supermodel currently living in New York. Not only her roots are exotic, check out the photos and you’ll understand. Juliana Herz was one of the three…


Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 7 by Mujjo

Mujjo has just released their leather cases and wallet cases for the all new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Just like the original blue jeans, Mujjo’s leather cases get more beautiful…


Limited Edition Hard Graft S1 Mid Top Sneakers

Hard Graft S1 Mid Top Sneakers might set a new standard in sneaker culture, a footwear style we’re all eager to see more of. The bad new is Hard Graft only produced…

sommer ray

Instagram of the Week: Sommer Ray

Fitness model Sommer Ray has taken Instagram by storm. With well over 8 Million followers and counting, here are some of the best reasons to follow her. Sommer is only 19 years…


Weekend Moodboard #1

Welcome to the Weekend Moodboard no. 1, a weekly series that will wipe off all of your work-related worries and set the mood right for the weekend ahead. This crazy world we…


Land Rover Defender Tweaked Spectre Edition

If you’re into rides that can climb mountains and take you to inaccessible places in style, the guys at Tweaked Automotive have built the ultimate machine based on the Land Rover Defender…


This Fixed-Wing Drone Flies Like You’re In It

Parrot Disco plane drone is the first of its kind, being able to fly with up to 80 km/h (50mph), controlled via FPV VR glasses that takes you in its cockpit. Put the…


Miss Reef Girls in High Quality

Miss Reef is all about exotic location and even more exotic-looking ladies.  Hit full screen and play, sit back/relax and let this 1000fps video amaze you. Beautiful women in bikinis doing their…

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